Coral Bead Necklace

Style > Strand / String (1/8)

  • Hawaiian Black Coral Bead Necklace Vintage Retro 23 Inch
  • Peach Salmon Coral 6mm Bead Strand 25 Long Necklace 36 Gr 7g 101
  • Art Deco Natural Undyed Red Ox Blood Coral Beads 7mm Necklace 18k Gold Clasp 22
  • Antique Red Coral Graduated Beaded 14k Gold Clasp Necklace
  • Antique Red Coral Graduated Beaded Triple Strand Silver Clasp Necklace
  • Coral Necklace Natural Red Salmon 3 Strands 835 Silver Amef Bead Vintage
  • Antique Red Coral Graduated Beaded Gold Clasp Necklace
  • 220 Gram Natural Coral Bead Strand Coral Necklace
  • 100% Genuine Vintage Angel Skin Coral With 14k Gold Beaded Necklace. 31. Cn0020
  • Dainty X Long Salmon Color Coral Bead Strand 42 Necklace 7d 93
  • Vtg Chinese Carved Angel Skin Pink Salmon Coral 6mm Ball Bead Necklace 24
  • Vintage 14k Gold Clasp Undyed Natural Salmon Orange Coral Bead Necklace 19
  • Vintage 32 Opera Length Sterling Carved Angel Skin Coral Necklace 10 Mm Beads
  • Vintage Graduated Dual Strand Salmon Coral Bead Necklace Etched 14k Gold Clasp
  • Vintage H Stern Beaded Black And Coral 17 Necklace
  • Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Angel Skin Coral Double Bead Necklace 20in