Coral Bead Necklace

Gold (1/4)

  • Solid 18k Yellow Gold & Angel Skin Coral Bead 16 Long Estate Necklace
  • 50 Gram Antique Natural Red Coral Beads Natural Coral Necklace Gold
  • Victorian Natural Angel Skin Coral Beaded Necklace 14k Gold Clasp 26 1/2 99.5g
  • Victorian Mediterranean Coral Beaded 3 String Necklace With 18k Yellow Gold
  • Antique Vintage 14k Gold Blood Red Coral Bead Necklace
  • Untreated Natural Italian Red Coral Bead Necklace & Bracelet With 14k Gold Clasp
  • Large, Natural Red Coral Bead Necklace 18k Gold Turquoise Clasp
  • Vintage 14k Gold Diamond 50ct 7. Mm Beaded Sardinian Coral Necklace 26 52.2gms
  • Estate Italian 18k Gold Red Coral Necklace 25gr. Unisex
  • 18k Gold Heavy Undyed Mediterranean Sardinia Red Coral Bead 25.5 Necklace
  • Gia 18k Gold Large Japanese Momo Orange Red Coral Round Sphere Bead 17 Necklace
  • Genuine Natural Pink Coral Necklace With 14k Gold Beads. Lncr001
  • Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Textured Twisted Rope With Coral Bead Link Chain Necklace
  • Vintage Angel Skin Coral Beaded Necklace 14k Gold Clasp
  • Triple 3 Row Natural Salmon Red Coral Beads Gold Cameo Clasp Necklace 42.2g
  • Antique Vintage Nouveau 14k 18k Rose Gold Etruscan Salmon Coral Beaded Necklace