Coral Bead Necklace

8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17

8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17
8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17
8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17
8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17
8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17
8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17
8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17

8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17    8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17

MATCHING EARRINGS AND BRACELETS, AND CUSTOM-MADE TO ORDER DESIGNS ALSO AVAILABLE. NOTES: The last picture in this listing is a crushed, 8mm Golden (Modified Black) Coral Bead to show its genuine, internal structure and appearance. After a black coral bead undergoes a strong oxidizer process to bleach, the color appearance is modified and changes from black to a golden-brown color throughout.

The outer surface is then high polished to a lustrous shine and displays a chatoyance cats eye effect caused by the coral's internal pours reflecting more incidental surface light to produce a rolling iridescent glow. Upon a closer magnified examination, luminescent sparkles and striated coral branching lines are visible within the bead common to this variety of black coral. The chatoyance effect can be seen on the surface of one of the larger pieces.

With So Many Imitations Flooding the Consumer Markets Offering Fakes and Synthetics as Coral, The Below Three Major Points Covering Black Coral Are Provided For You to Determine Authenticity and to Guarantee This Coral Design Offered is Created Using Only Genuine (Modified) Black Coral. Picture/s Enlarged to Show the Fine Details. Brand New, Never Used Coral Bead Necklace. 100% Genuine, Indo-Pacific Ocean, Calibrated Black Coral Round Beads (Modified Into Golden Coral) Necklace With 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Clasp.

Please Note, There Are Three Physically Known Characteristics of Black Corals That Need to Be Addressed For Customers to Better Understand This Design is Genuine. First , Overall Light Weight : The Weights of Some Black Corals Are the Lightest Weighing of All Known Coral Varieties Due to the Way it Grows in Branch Form. At Times, This Might Confuse Uninformed Consumers Who Are Not Aware of This Biologically Known Fact and Possibly Raise Questions Into Their Believing They Are Not Purchasing a Genuine Black Coral Product. Please Be Assured This Design is Created With ONLY Genuine (Modified) Black Coral Pieces (Not Plastics, Not Fakes, Not Synthetic, Not Anything Else).

Second, Tacky or Waxy Feel : When Highly Polished, Both Black and Gold Corals Are Naturally, Highly Porous Internally and Will Produce a Smooth, Waxy to Vitreous Glass-Like Polished Surface Luster Similar to Amber Gemstones. Unlike Gold Corals, High Quality Black Corals Will Even Display Your Reflection Clearly From Their Polished Surfaces. However, When Black or Gold Coral Beads Are Rubbed Against Each Other, They Will Feel Slightly Sticky or Tacky and Will Not Rub Away Clean or Smooth as With Pink, White, or Red Corals. This Other "Tacky" Trait Again, Might Lead Consumers to Believe They Have a "Plastic-Made" or an Other Than Coral Product Due to the Combined "Light Weight and Waxy Feel", When They in Fact Are Holding Genuine Pieces of Black Coral. Pink, White, and Red Coral Varieties Are, For the Most Part, Internally Much More Solid and Dense, and Are Substantially Heavier in Weight Comparisons. When Surface Polished, Pink, White, and Red Corals Will Produce a Smooth, Slick Surface and Will Have a Marble-Like Clinking Sound, Similar to Tapping On a Coffee Cup or Tapping Large Pearls Against Each Other. Third, Bead Shapes and Sizes : Although These Round Beads Have Been Calibrated and Polished, Each Bead is Naturally Shaped Slightly Unique to the Very Next Bead, Very Similar to Cultured Round Pearls. This is Clearly Observable Using a Jeweler's Loupe or Magnifying Glass as One Bead Might Appear Almost Perfectly Round While the One Next to it Might Have a Subtle Oval or Egg Shape. Aside From Shape, There Are Subtle Millimeter Width Differences in Each Bead. Hence, It Would Be Extremely Difficult to Reproduce Each of These Unique Shape and Size Combinations in a Plastic Mold or Any Mold as Many Thousands of Individual Molds Would Have to Be Created to Reproduce the Natural Shapes and Sizes Displayed Within This Coral Necklace. Details About Modified "Golden" Coral: Although Hawaiian "Gold" coral can be 100% completely natural (unenhanced, untreated) in color, Black coral is sometimes placed in a strong oxidizer to bleach and modify its color appearance from a solid midnight black into an iridescent, brownish-tan or golden-beryl color to produce a "Golden" colored coral. These coral pieces are 100% genuine black coral, which have been modified only in color appearance to produce a glowing brown tone, similar to taking a cultured freshwater white pearl and modifying it into a chocolate pearl. This modification does not necessarily degrade the value of the original black coral having been changed, but is an accepted enhancement process, and often times, is more preferred for having its brownish-golden earth tone.

With earth tones always in vogue, black keeps brown sharp and urban. Brown warms up black, making it more flattering on skin. Designs that pair black and brown help marry all the jewelry in a fashionable woman's wardrobe.

And like a black and brown handbag, black and brown pieces will work with both sides of a woman's closet allowing one to color coordinate with nearly an unlimited choice of fashion wear. On the other hand, some jewelry consumers prefer to accessorize their dress wear using only natural and untreated jewelry pieces, which is also understood. In gemology, chatoyancy (or chatoyance) is an optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones. Coined from the French "chat oeil, " meaning "cat's eye, " chatoyancy arises either from the fibrous structure of a material, as in tiger eye quartz, or from fibrous inclusions or cavities within the stone. The effect can be likened to the sheen off a spool of silk; the mobile, wavering reflection always being perpendicular to the direction of the fibers.

When black coral undergoes bleaching modifications, the internal branching structures and inclusions within the coral piece produces this glowing chatoyance "cat's eye" effect on the surface. This floating appearance displayed on every modified black coral bead is quite appealing and gorgeous to look at. Design: Golden Coral (Modified Black Coral); Single Strand, Hand-Cut Calibrated Beads, Round-Shape Cabochon-Cut, 14k Gold-Plated Clasp, Unknotted, High Polish Luster, Semi-Smooth to Semi-Rough Polished Surface Finish.

Measures: Coral Beads Are Approx. Size: Matinee Length, Necklace is Approx. Coral Details: Origin: South Pacific Seas (Malaysian Archipelago); Shape: Calibrated, Round Cabochon-Cut Beads, Visually Flawless, 90% Symmetrically Round; Grade: Medium-High Quality, Very Good; Color/s: Golden-Brown With Iridescent Chatoyance Effect; Luster: The Luster on These Coral Beads Are Excellent With Superb Glossy Surface Qualities; Blemishes: The Beads Are Virtually Surface Flawless and Semi-Smooth to Semi-Rough With a Natural, Subtle Rough Surface Imperfections; Matching: Beads Match Evenly to Compliment Each Other in Overall Color Distribution and Appearance. Features: This Beautiful 100% Hand-Cut and Hand-Strung, South Indo-Pacific (Modified) Black Coral Necklace is Crafted With a Surface Polished Finish Background. The Design Features a Single-Strand of Calibrated Round-Shaped Coral Beads Arranged Side-by-Side. The Necklace is Finished With a 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Lobster-Claw Clasp For Added Security. As Each of These Necklaces Are Hand-Made Using Modified Black "Golden" Coral Beads, Each is. Slightly Unique to the Next For You to Enjoy. At Times, Some Individual Items Within a Multiple Item Order Might Not Combine Properly Into One Flat Rate Checkout Invoice.

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  • Style: Strand/String
  • Metal: 14k Gold Plated Clasp
  • Material: Smooth, Surface Polish
  • Length (inches): 17
  • Main Stone: Indo-Pacific Black Coral (Modified)
  • Main Color: Brown
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Necklace Style: Single Strand
  • Gemstone & Stone: Pacific Gold Coral Beads
  • Gold Type: 14k Yellow Gold Plated
  • Shape: Round-Cut Beads
  • Effect: Chatoyance "Cat's Eye"
  • Metric Conversion: Approx.

    8.1mm - 8.5mm Wide Beads
  • Brand: "Handmade"
  • Main Stone Creation: Natural
  • Main Stone Treatment: Bleaching

8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17    8mm Pacific Modified Black (Golden) Coral Calibrated Round Bead Necklace 17