Coral Bead Necklace

Metal > Silver (1/4)

  • Antique Salmon Coloured Coral Necklace With Silver Clasp Length 78 Cm
  • Antique White Coral Graduated Bead Necklace 20
  • Vintage Native American Red Coral Sterling Silver. 925 Necklace S Hook Clasp 18
  • Vintage Coral Necklace Graduated Sterling Silver Hook Clasp 15 1/2 Long 7.3g
  • Antique Georgian/victorian Three Strand Graduated Coral Necklace Choker Silver
  • Vintage Salmon Branch Coral Blue Bead 26 Necklace Silver Cones 7f 37
  • Vintage Modernist Cubic Beads Black Onyx Salmon Coral Necklace Vermeil Silver
  • Old Vintage Coral Necklace W Bench Made Silver Beads And Stamped Cone Ends
  • Vintage Coral Beaded Necklace With Large Coral Abalone Turquoise 925 Pendant
  • Vintage Japanese Momo Natural Pink Coral Beads Necklace
  • Vintage Lapiz Lazuli And Coral Beaded Necklace, 32, 172 Grams
  • Antique Angel Skin Coral 2 Strand Graduate Necklace 800 Silver Clasp Rare
  • Antique Angel Skin Coral Necklace With 835 Silver Clasp
  • Lovely Estate Sterling Silver Coral & Turquoise Teardrop Bead Necklace 18 Long
  • Lovely Beautiful Salmon Colour Coral Necklace, 18 3/4 Long
  • Vintage Natural Black Coral Beaded Choker Necklace Mourning Jewellery