Coral Bead Necklace

Tibetan Mixed Bead Necklace Coral Turquoise Carnelian Quartz Agate

Tibetan Mixed Bead Necklace Coral Turquoise Carnelian Quartz Agate

Tibetan Mixed Bead Necklace Coral Turquoise Carnelian Quartz Agate    Tibetan Mixed Bead Necklace Coral Turquoise Carnelian Quartz Agate
OLD MIXED BEAD TIBETAN NECKLACE. The real, natural mixed beads on this sacred necklace are between 100 - 300 years old. Blessed and empowered in the DREPUNG MONASTERY in TIBET (pictures below).

The old beads on this sacred necklace were sourced in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal for Lama Thubten Dagom Rinpoche over 20 years ago. The sacred old beads that are on this necklace have been blessed and have been worn for many years.

1 Old Large focal centreTurquoise bead. 4 Old Tibetan real Coral beads. 4 old Tibetan round Carnelian beads. 2 old Yellow Jasper beads. 2 old Carnelian / Sardonyx beads.

2 old Quartz Crystal beads. 2 old Banded Agate beads.

6 old Turquoise small cylinder beads. Please Note: Tibetan Silver is not Sterling Silver the metal is not. I do not know the exact mix of metals. This is for your information. People string a few of these old natural mixed Tibetan beads with other prized beads and sometimes use one bead on a sacred Mala.

Sometimes you see a Dzi bead strung with them. It is rare to find a complete necklace made from these rare natural old mixed beads. Lama Thubten has asked me to release these special sacred and empowered items to the world.

The reason for the release of these items is that the Earth as we know it is now a dark and dangerous place and Lama Thubten would like spiritual and sacred people to be part of the new awakening. There are very few people in the world who can feel and sense and need this sacred and special power. Please Note: These are real old Tibetan beads that have been sourced Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal over 20 years ago.

Natural real Tibetan Turquoise focal bead. Tibetans have always placed a high value on the power of stone beads, and Tibetan turquoise is one of the top prized stones. This turquoise is viewed by the Tibetans as a symbol for the sky. Traditionally, the larger the bead the more power it possessed, so Tibetan women spend their lifetimes trading up to a larger and more wonderfully coloured and patterned stone beads for their personal necklaces. The first jewellery given to Tibetan children is always turquoise, which is believed to keep people from falling.

A conservative estimate of age for the Tibetan turquoise beads is 300-500 years, but considering that turquoise beads have been used throughout the region since at least 1000 B. Some pieces can be older than 500 years. Turquoise is widely appreciated by Tibetans and all through Tibetan history Turquoise has been prized, valued and worn as jewellery, not only for preserving the family wealth but also for its application in ritual and medicinal practice. "Gyu" (pronounced "yu") the name for turquoise seems to be indigenous, indicating that knowledge of the mineral came from within and not through outside influences. To call a turquoise a stone will offend a Tibetan who will exclaim, "This is a turquoise and not a stone, " looking upon it as a thing distinct in itself. Gemstones have always been associated with curious superstitions and turquoise is no exception. Many people have recognised that the change of colour in a turquoise gem is the direct result of variations in the state of the owners health (being in sympathy with the affections and the characteristic physical influences of the wearer). The gem grows paler and usually more green as the owner sickens or grows old, losing its colour and intensity entirely at death, but completely recovering its inherent qualities and beauty when given to a new and healthy possessor. Traditional lore avers that as turquoise is susceptible to the personality of the wearer, a gem must be treated with affection and regarded as a sentient being if its colour and lustre are to be maintained and improved.

Turquoise bestows happiness and good fortune if given by a loving hand, and sympathetic not only to the wearers health but also to the giver, paling in colour if he or she is threatened by evil. In Tibetan literature, the word for turquoise is a favourite for describing natural objects of sky-blue colour such as beautiful lakes, wells and flowers, even the manes of horses, bees and tadpoles! The hair of goddesses and the eyebrows of children born in a supernatural manner are spoken of as turquoise-blue, and Tibetans speak poetically of the sky as "the turquoise of heaven", the 13 Turquoise Heavens referring to traditional mythology. King Du-srong Mang-po who reigned during the 8. Century CE supposedly found the largest turquoise then known in the world on the top of.

A few miles north of. A family living in the city at that time had their roof showered with turquoise and other precious gems by a generous deity. Apparently this mansion still stands, somewhere near the. One famous story is the one about King Srong-tsan Sgam-po winning the hand of his beautiful princess. He was required to pass a silk thread through a coil of turquoise beads arranged in a concentric circle.

He solved the problem by tying the thread onto a queen ant, which he blew through the holes in the beads. To the amazement of the lookers-on, the ant came out at the other end of the coil dragging the thread along, and thus gained the princesss hand in marriage.

Real natural Tibetan mixed old bead necklace. This beaded necklace has been well used and the beads are of different sizes which is expected in a sacred item of this great age. The beads have fantastic markings. This very old spiritual blessed mixed bead necklace has the most wonderful weathering marks and a beautiful usage patina. The sacred old beads on this fantastic necklace are prized by the Tibetan's and people from the Himalayan regions. There is a huge difference in the inner power vibration and the energy of these high altitude Tibetan Quartz crystal beads and normal quartz crystals beads. It is very high and spiritually powerful and pure, yet still deeply connected to the resonances of the earth. You can feel both aspects of the divine energy as well as the earth energy, it is an amazing and very unusual experience! These Tibetan melon shaped quartz crystal beads have been honoured from before they were mined. These two melon shape Tibetan High Altitude Quartz Crystal beads, brings knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality.

Both Healing and meditation have been enhanced. These Tibetan beads can induce total centring of the self and can produce a huge spiritual energy which is important for self channeling. These crystal beads contain a very special "OM" vibration which your body can attune to with the special resonance and you will be able to radiate special high power energy and be more in tune with your higher self. These are very special true Tibetan Quartz Crystal beads.

With these crystal beads you will be able to amplify both your body energy and your thoughts. These crystal beads when held will help you in the creation of inner body power and will bring the energy of the stars into your soul. These are true Tibetan Quartz Crystals and they are STONES OF POWER. When you hold this necklace and meditate you will be in tune with yourself and be able to speak with and communicate with spiritual and other worldly masters, teachers and healers. A Tibetan crystal necklace such as this can be used to clear and to activate your energy centers, it provides for purification of the physical, mental and your spiritual mind. It will help you in healing any negativity that is in you. This Tibetan crystal necklace will help direct your "body energy" and will help to banish all inner negativity and will stimulate your positive energy with special thoughts and feelings. When worn, held and cherished this crystal necklace will direct your energy into the higher spiritual realm. Quartz Crystal induces amplification of you own special energy field, it can and will produce a huge force field of healing negative ions and will clear the area of positive ions which can harm you and your loved ones. This Crystal necklace is a huge amplifier and transformer of energy, your smallest thought will be immediately enlarged by this necklace.

THIS CRYSTAL NECKLACE IS A TOOL. IT IS NOT THE CRYSTALS WHICH WILL DO THE WORK BUT IT IS YOU WHO WILL WEAR IT AND HOLD IT AND IT IS YOU WHO WILL CHANNEL YOUR WILL TO HEAL AND TO HOLD THE EXTRA POWER. You must meditate with this crystal necklace you must wear it, hold it and be in tune and at one with these special power crystals. To meditate with this crystal necklace you must have somewhere to go each day, to sit down quietly and consider your inner thoughts.

You must not judge these thoughts, you must see for yourself how you think, how you react and what your feelings and emotions are. When and only when you can distinguish your inner thoughts can you have any influence over them. When you start to meditate you will open the channels inside your body, when that is done you will be in harmony with all that lives in the universe.

At this time the channels inside your body purify themselves, and will allow you to start seeing who you really are. There is a huge and special richness to find out who you really are, what is your potential. When you stop and take time out to meditate you will start to discover that there exists inside you a great and huge mystery, a very deep source which connects you to the universe. You must meditate and be able to work on and with yourself.

Your spiritual path will be able to take you everywhere in life, you do not need to look any further. You are more than just a body, more than just a personality, more than just a name. YOU ARE A DIVINE SOURCE, YOU ARE SPECIAL AND YOU ARE IDENTICAL TO THAT SOME CALL ALLAH, SOME CALL BUDDHA, SOME CALL THE GREAT SPIRIT AND SOME CALL GOD. This is the Great Mystery because this is inside us all.

The first crystal that you must work with is yourself. With Carnelian / Sardonyx beads & coral beads. For Tibetans, coral symbolizes blood, fire and light, making it a potent charm for life and health.

It was imported into the. From the Mediterranean long before Marco Polo's travels in the 13th century and has always been highly valued. Coral has played a very important role in religious and magical rites throught the Pacific Islands.

It is often placed on graves to guard the deceased and temples were sometimes built of lava rocks and coral. In the Mediterranean, coral was thought to contain the "life essence" of the Mother Goddess, who dwelled in the ocean in a tree of coral. There is a belief that the ocean is the home of human souls after death, and so coral is considered a very powerful amulet for the living.

It can be carried to prevent "evil spirits" from entering the body. Coral guards against accidents, acts of violence, poison, theft, possession and sterility. Coral can effect inner changes. It dispels foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, murderous thoughts, panic and nightmares. It gives reason, prudence, courage, and wisdom upon its bearer. If you have some coral in your bedroom at night it will produce peacefull and restfull sleep by driving away disturbing dreams. Coral has been used in magic relating to children for thousands of years. If a piece of coral is given as a gift to a child, it ensures their future health and if placed in their room it will magically guard and protect the child.

Coral can also be used to attract luck to a household. If you take a piece of Coral and touch it to every door, window and wall in the house while you move in a clockwise direction then place the coral in a place of prominence luck will be attracted to the house. Because of its associations with the sea, coral is used as a protectant while sailing or travelling over water and will guard boats against shipwreck and protect against shark attack. Coral can be used to enchance telepathic communication between this present reality and the prior, future and other current worlds. Coral can be used to heighten and suppliment ones accomplishments in the business realm and to instill quality and excellence within ones invironment.

It helps one to dispense with old "programming" and scedules, and to be open and receptive to, and perceptive of, the fresh innovative forces which are available. In the mystic language of the psychic mind, fossilized coral represent time, eternity and evolution.

They are a tangible example of how nothing in nature is wasted. Energy cannot be destroyed, only maniftations of energy. Fossilized coral is used as power tools by shamans and healers throught the world to amplify energy and can be placed apon altars/shrines as pure symbols of the earth and the ambiguity of time and to increase the spiritual power of magicial rituals. Coral can be used to recall past lives and times that you now cannot remember when you were a child. Hold this Coral bead necklace at night in a room lit only by candlelight or moonlight, meditate while holding this sacred necklace, look at it thinking of its incredible antiquity, attune with it, feel its past life. Still your mind and breath deeply and awaken your psychic awareness. Feel this life, this body this personality slipping from you. Slide along the energy of your being (soul) beyond birth, beyond death, beyond to another life. NATURAL SARDONYX : is a varient of carnelian and is mined with carnelian. Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Old Tibetan Yellow Jasper beads. To heal someone, you must first know why people suffer. If through healing them, you can show them how to stop suffering, you have fulfilled your role as a physician. At he heart of all suffering there is a spiritual remedy that comes about from knowing the relationships between karma and suffering.

Karma comes from the chaos that exists within all living creatures, all aspects of this world and the universe at large. Some chaos is good, some indifferent, some bad, but it is the stuff from which happiness and then enlightenment can be made. Old Tibetan Banded Agate beads. These old banded agate beads look very similar to ancient Suleimani and Bhaisajyaguru agate beads. According to Buddhist tradition these rare banded agate beads remove the root of all disease, they will also ensure good health and a long and successful life.

CARNELIAN: was worn on the hand in ancient Egypt to keep away anger, jealousy, envy, fear, rage and hatred and is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest. The ancient Egyptians described Carnelian as a "sunset enclosed in stone". Carnelian is still used to promote peace and harmony and to dispel depression. Carnelian can be worn by shy and timid people to bolster their courage. Carnelian is used to counteract doubt and negative thoughts and will improve your concentration and will dispel any mental lethargy you might have.

Carnelian strengthens astral visions and gives a fine connection to the spiritual world. Carnelian will help you to cleanse away all forms of negativity within an area and fill the area with spiritual light. When you hold this carnelian necklace it can help you to increase your physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion and will give you a real connection between your physical self and your higher-self.

A number of legends and superstitions are associated with Carnelian. In antiquity people believed in its strong magical properties, and they used it for a variety of amulets and talismans. This stone was a symbol of life in Pharaonic Egypt. It also adorns the precious funerary pectoral of. Mummy various items made of Carnelian have been found: a head of the snake (to protect the Pharaoh against snakes in the other world), pendants in the form of the heart, personifying the eternally alive soul, etc. Ancient Greeks made Carnelian gemmas (a cut precious gem) with images of Cupid and Psyche. Such gemmas were talismans of true love. Greeks used such gemmas to determine if a love feeling was real: if it was, the stone started to sparkle when one's partner looked at it. There is a rare Tibetan medicine called'70 Flavour Pearl', this rare Tibetan medicine is made of a mixture of Carnelian, Coral, Mother-of-pearl.

Agate, Saffron, Musk and other rare natural Tibetan medicinal materials. This'70 Flavour Pearl' medicine is reputed to be "a medicine that can raise the dead, " it is applied to such diseases as high blood pressure, cerebral concussions, neurasthenia, hemicranias, falling sickness, paralysis, and dizziness. It is thought to be especially outstanding as a treatment for cerebral diseases and headache.

Many of us are trying to find peace, a small place where we can enjoy our lives. We look around and watch the world go by.

All we wish to do is to find a small amount of peace and tranquility in the world today. There are huge amounts of negative and bad energy flowing. Many dark energies are around and trying to possess us.

They try to find a host, when we are at a low point in our lives, when we are weak and vunerable. Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. Buddha carvings in the Drepung Monastery Tibet. A young child at the Drepung Monastery in Tibet.

The Drepung Monastery in Tibet. Was once the largest Buddhist Monastery in the world. At the Monasteries height it had 10,000 Buddhist monks in residence now it just has about 600 monks. Drepung Monastery is of great historical importance not only in that it produced some of. S most renowned spiritual leaders, but also in that it always enjoyed significant political influence. In 1530, when the Second Dalai Lama made. His main residence, Drepung monastery became not only the primary residence of the Dalai Lama but also the political base for the Gelug monastic sect. The Drepung Monastery sits at the foot of the. In the western suburb of the.

City and spreads over an area of 250,000 square meters. A white structure, it lines up row upon row and when seen from afar, gives an impression of huge heap of rice. This is what gives the monastery its name, Drepung, which in. Our Sacred Blessed and Empowered items have PURE POSITIVE SACRED POWER and they can and will be attuned to you. Do you remember long ago that you had the ability of second sight, and other special abilities.

You might never have revealed this to anyone as you felt slightly afraid and were not sure in yourself. Years later life takes its toll and you now think that these special abilities that you had years ago are now gone. These abilities NEVER GO, you still have the same abilities but you now have to clear a path to open your mind and be able to go back to your childhood and let your mind open up. When you work with Lama Thubten's Sacred Blessed items you will soon realise that these are SACRED SPECIAL TOOLS and will work for you in many different ways.

They will open up a PURE POWER FLOW FOR YOU, and enable PURE POSITIVE ENERGY to enter your divine spirit. Our sacred, rare, empowered and blessed items are being made available for the benefit of practitioners, like you, who would like to have holy objects as devotional support to your practice. Rather, we are making them available with the express wish to benefit others. All funds in excess of our costs help us to continue our activities. Sellers: Get your own map today. The item "TIBETAN MIXED BEAD NECKLACE CORAL TURQUOISE CARNELIAN QUARTZ AGATE" is in sale since Friday, November 11, 2011. This item is in the category "Collectables\Religion & Spirituality\Buddhism". The seller is "spiritual-sky" and is located in Bournemouth. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Tibetan Mixed Bead Necklace Coral Turquoise Carnelian Quartz Agate    Tibetan Mixed Bead Necklace Coral Turquoise Carnelian Quartz Agate